23 Jul Weirdly Strange Long Necked Giraffe Beetle

The trachelophorus giraffa, common name giraffe beetle, makes it’s home on the island of Madagascar. This tiny red and black male insect has a long extended neck compared to the female which also has the red and black coloring. The female will lay a single egg on a host leaf. The male and female will then work together to roll up the leaf. She uses her strong legs and he uses his long neck to help her. The female will then snip the leaf from the tree and lets it float down to the forest floor. When the egg hatches it has a ready to go food source. Amazing little creatures! On our website, www.realbutterflygifts.com  we have the framed and mounted single male and we also have a mounted pair male & female . Either one would make a perfect addition to your collection or an unusual gift. We also have a large selection of real framed butterflies, insects, lizards, bats and frogs. Or you can visit our Etsy and eBay stores to shop for our archival framed displays. No matter where you decide to buy one, it will be a unique purchase.Trachelophorus-giraffa

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