24 Apr Mother’s Day Gift Idea, One of our Best Sellers the Purple Spot Swallowtail Butterfly

Why not treat mom with a beautiful gift that will last for years. This beautiful little Real Framed Butterfly the Graphium weiskei has been one of our best sellers of all time.  This Graphium weiskei butterfly is from Papua New Guinea has very distinct purple, Fuchsia and green markings with tiny swallowtails.


You can also see this listing in our Etsy store or on Ebay

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Remember all of our real framed insect displays come in our True Archival Museum Quality Insect Displays:

Conservation Qualities:
99% Ultra Violet Light Blocking Glass ✓

 We use a special 99% uv blocking conservation glass so the vibrant colors of your insects will remain forever!

Most other displays are made with glass that blocks little or no uv rays at all that will allow your insects to fade quickly.

Acid free mounting boards ✓
Highest Industry Standards ✓
Farm Raised Butterflies & Insects ✓
Sealed Archival Shadow Box Displays ✓

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