09 May Graduation Gift: Give a brilliant Sunset Moth to your brilliant graduate

Looking for a great Graduation Gift? Why not treat your graduate to a brilliant real framed Sunset Moth. The Sunset Moth is a Chrysiridia madagascarensis. The Beautiful sunset moth is actually a day flying moth that is found exclusively on the island of Madagascar. It’s a predominantly black moth with brilliant colors of fiery orange and iridescent vivid green. This moth has more characteristics of a butterfly than it does of a moth and when it was first discovered it was actually categorized as a butterfly.  The sunset moth’s wings when resting do not fold behind and over its back which is a common trait of moths, but rather they fold up and together like a butterfly.

The beautiful island of Madagascar offers the Sunset moth larvae their exclusive food source, the Omphalea genus shrubs. The adult moths lay their eggs on the underside of the Omphalea genus shrubs so that the emerging caterpillars will have their food source readily available. The plants contains chemical toxins which when eaten by the larvae are a defense against predators. The adult moths feed on nectar obtained from a wide variety of flowers but they retain the toxic chemicals in their bodies. Their bright wing colors warn predators of their toxicity. On our website, realbutterflygifts.com  we have both forward and verso beautifully framed and mounted brilliant Sunset Moths. Either one would make a perfect gift for your brilliant graduate. We also have a large selection of real framed butterflies, insects, lizards, bats and frogs. Or you can visit our Etsy and eBay stores to shop for our archival framed displays. No matter where you decide to buy one, your grad is sure to love it!

Chrysiridia madagascarensis - Sunset Moth

Chrysiridia madagascarensis – Sunset Moth

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